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In 2003, I started dreaming about building a home for abandoned children in my home town of Mexicali, Mexico.  The home would provide shelter and necessities for boys and girls, and it would also be a place where every child would be encouraged and supported to find and achieve his/her dreams.  Since then, and with the help of a portion of my PGA Tour Champions winnings, generous donors, and a tireless team of volunteers; we developed the concept, bought land and built the home.

It is with great pride that we announce the completion of the “Esteban Toledo Family Foundation Home”.  It's a place where 30 orphans/foster care kids will dream, and our support will help them fly!

Sometimes it’s not about you or me; it’s about helping others in this world.

God bless.

Our Mission

Build a home in Mexicali for 30 orphaned/foster care children.  Provide them with a safe, loving and caring environment, and encourage each child to discover and achieve his/her dream.